Safoco’s Fracturing Relief Valve (FRV) is the only relief valve on the market proven to reseal after a sand slurry relief event. The FRV provides full bore pressure relief and complete valve reclose in less than 5 seconds. This means that when screen-out conditions cause a spike in pressure, the FRV will reclose immediately and allow the operator to flush the line at a high pressure.

The Safoco FRV utilizes a gate valve and is controlled by a “fail open” hydraulic actuator. Pressure is sensed by two pressure transducers. The pressure at which the valve opens and recloses are field programmable via a keypad interface.

The valve is held in the closed position with hydraulic fluid until an event causes the system to release the hydraulic fluid. The electric controls read the pressure then release the hydraulic fluid. The valve is forced into the open position immediately by the line pressure in the valve and an internal spring within the actuator. The system is completely self-contained, requiring no external power source. The relief system is monitored and controlled by an HMI system in the data van. This system records all pressure readings, settings, and events.

Specifications and Benefits

  • Relief Capacity for a Fluid System at 100 BPM and 12,000 PSI
  • Relief Valve Orifice sized according to API 520
  • Two Pressure Transducers (0.25% accuracy)
  • Digital Pressure Settings up to 20K PSI (non-mechanical)
  • Gate Valve (Fail Open) Designed to API 6A with Safoco Hydraulic Actuator
  • Gates & Seats – Tungsten Carbide Hard Faced
  • Straight Line Flow (no 90° turns)